Foreclosure Defense

At Giordano Spanier & Heckele Law, we are experienced in fighting for our client’s best interest. We will protect you and your financial assets so creditors will stop calling you constantly for unpaid debts. We can fight for more favorable terms to better suit your needs and financial goals. After a bank forecloses on a loan it is a good idea to consider financial assistance or debt counseling. By contacting Giordano Spanier & Heckele Law you will receive the best foreclosure defense regarding homeowner rights and foreclosure proceedings. We will fight for our client’s financial stability and security. If you think you are being unfairly targeted by your mortgage lender or you want to consider a more aggressive plan of action to pay off your mortgage debt contact us and we’ll fight for the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Struggling to pay off a mortgage is debilitating to your finances, and if your family is suffering due to your inability to pay off your home’s monthly payments foreclosure defense might be the answer to your problems. We can provide you with options that will prevent you from losing your home all together.

A foreclosure defense has some advantages bankruptcy chapter 7 or 13 cannot offer you. There are adverse effects of applying for bankruptcy including a debilitating hit to your credit score, and potential rejection by credit lenders or banks to supply you with a loan. The foreclosure defense can spare your credit score from becoming detrimental to your future financial goals.

Another advantage to foreclosure defense hits mortgage lenders where it hurts the most. They will be unable to hassle you for debts owed, and are most often held accountable for their actions in the case of persistent contact between a lender and borrower.

Mortgage Foreclosure Options:
• Forbearance: An agreement between lender and creditor to delay a foreclosure
• Loan modification: changing the terms of a loan by extending the time limit to which a borrower must repay a creditor
• Repayment plan: reorganization of past due mortgage payments added onto current mortgage payment over an extended period of time to make your mortgage current
• Loan reinstatement: after foreclosure proceedings begin on a defaulted loan the bank will not accept any form of payment if it is not paid in full, a reinstatement loan will buy you more time to repay the loan